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About CSBI 

The Coalition of State Bioscience Institutes (CSBI) was officially formed in June 2012 when 42 state bioscience organizations came together with the common goal to ensure America’s leadership in bioscience innovation by delivering industry-led life science education, workforce development, and entrepreneurship programs through a nationally coordinated effort.
The CSBI focuses on bioscience programs that: the life science industry is uniquely positioned to deliver; are replicable and scalable in states across the U.S. ; are extensible to other STEM industry sectors; and are fully aligned with emerging K-12 Common Core Learning Standards.
CSBI members are in a unique position to provide national leadership on bioscience education, workforce development and entrepreneurship issues by:

•  Promoting programs that demonstrate the real-world applications of classroom science.

•  Identifying the skills that life science workforce participants require in our global community.

•  Creating greater confidence among teachers and motivating students to pursue careers in science.

•  By drawing on direct industry contacts to help lend support to early-stage bioscience companies and       facilitating connections with bioscience employers for jobs, internships, and externships in every

    region of the country.

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