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Workforce Development

CSBI Workforce Development programs are focused on identifying the top high demand, future need occupations in industry.


2023 Life Sciences Workforce Trends Report

The Coalition of State Bioscience Institutes (CSBI) released the 2023 CSBI-TEconomy National Workforce Trends June 2023 at the BIO International Convention in Boston, MA. The report provides a national snapshot of the current and anticipated talent needs of the nation’s dynamic life science industry.


Thank you to the 18 CSBI/A states and Puerto Rico who contributed to this year’s report, which includes data from 185 executive interviews and early 700 survey responses - accompanied by almost 2.8M job postings over the last four years - from life science companies.

This year’s (6th edition of the) report looks at the implications of technology investments and deployment for talent; the industry’s continued and maturing emphasis on advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); the solidifying of remote and hybrid work arrangements; and the need to evolve and deepen industry-academic partnerships as a cornerstone of targeted talent solutions to meet the industry’s outsized demand. 


High-Demand Occupations by Life Sciences Industry Subsector—Based on Job Growth, 2020-22

CSBI Chair

Liisa Bozinovic
Executive Director
Oregon Bioscience Association

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